Hotel Consultants – How Can They Transform Your Establishment?

Over the past five years, there have been significant changes within the hospitality and lodging industries around the world, with changes in consumer behaviour and purchase processes, increasing global competition, changing legal and infrastructural operating environments, as well as challenging economic conditions. As a result, many business and organisations in the lodging and accommodation industry are turning to hotel consultants to transform the establishment; whether this is small steps of streamlining the operation, or assisting with a major overhaul to become competitive in the marketplace.

Hotel consultants work closely with the owners and managerial team to assist them in the management of the operation, implementing a process of change management that focuses on devising planning and regulatory changes to improve the day to day efficiency of the hotel, as well as the overall profitability of the business.

Hotel consultants perform numerous roles within the business environment, whether it is assisting a new venture to develop the building blocks for future success, or the implementation of business and marketing strategies to improve the performance of an existing business that is experiencing difficulties in the current marketplace. For a hotel that has been experiencing hard times, fraught with problems, a hotel consultant can introduce fresh ideas, opportunities and processes to improve the performance of the business.

For many operations, being tied within the four walls of the operations, as well dedicating the majority of their time to the day to day management of the property, the staff are sometimes unable to think outside of the box to identify new opportunities and systems. An experienced hotel consultant, who has a wealth of knowledge about the hospitality and lodging industries, is able to review the business with fresh eyes. An effective hotel consultant will possess a range of skills and broad range of business experience, from human resource management to the last trends in hotel marketing, regulatory requirements and the development of systems to streamline the business to reduce overall expenditures.

It is essential that prior to any change being implemented within the business that the hotel consultant takes the time to understand the current culture, performance, operations and antecedent circumstances of the hotel and its current level of performance. Only then can the individual be in a position to develop and implement processes of change that will work in the specific situation of your hotel. Although there are generic processes that improve the hotels operating performance, the nuances of each operation must be taken into consideration. This allows the specific strategies to be customised to the specific hotel in question and the issues that they face.