Financial Intelligence is the Need of the Hour!

While taking a stroll in his neighborhood park one quiet evening, Rohit and I happened to bump into a very old college friend Virat. Rohit, a financial planner working for a reputed mutual fund house, and Virat, a manager at a factory of a reputed FMCG company, used to debate on various regional, national and [...]

What is a Mutual Fund Benchmark?

Back in the days, if you recall going home to break your exam results to your parents, it wasn’t an easy thing to do. After scoring 60% in one of the papers which was rather tough, you come up with a range of explanations making your parents understand how difficult the paper was. You then [...]

Words of Wisdom for your Financial Journey

Today, we share with you 5 priceless thoughts by these investment experts. We are sure this will inspire your financial journey forever. “I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” – Warren Buffett Okay, so this comes from one of [...]

How to Get the Best Educational Consultant for Your Child

All parents want to provide the best education for their children. Parents who want to home school their child require support from an educational associate. An educational associate helps them create a balanced curriculum and assessment program- a complete educational plan for their child. So, how do you find the most suitable educational planner? This [...]

An IT Consulting Company Delivers Optimal Answers When Goals Are Uncertain

IT or information technology consulting is offered to assist any business unsure of how to properly apply hardware, applications, systems, or services for meeting desired objectives. A company can supply advice only or assist in additional areas such as the design or implementation of a solution. These agencies have widespread knowledge in various areas of [...]

Hotel Consultants – How Can They Transform Your Establishment?

Over the past five years, there have been significant changes within the hospitality and lodging industries around the world, with changes in consumer behaviour and purchase processes, increasing global competition, changing legal and infrastructural operating environments, as well as challenging economic conditions. As a result, many business and organisations in the lodging and accommodation industry [...]

How to Find a Google AdWords Consultant That’s Right for Your Business

While implementing an AdWords campaign is an effective strategy, it is only as good as your skills and knowledge of it. This is why one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to using Google AdWords is assuming you know what you are doing. While it seems easy on the surface to create ads and [...]

Using a Business Consultant: Frequently Asked Questions

Companies invest a substantial amount of time, and money, to brainstorm and execute strategic plans. However, sometimes those carefully considered plans do not pan out as intended. When an organization follows its strategic plan, yet still fails to achieve its objectives, it is time to assess what went wrong and try something different. This tends [...]

Self-Employed Consultants Are No Longer Wage Slaves

Can you just imagine waking up each morning eager to get to work. You are doing the work that you love to do and being paid well. You set the hours you work – short or long. You choose the days you work each week – seven days, three days, not at all today. You [...]

How To Hire An Online Marketing Consultant

Working with a digital marketing consultant for the first time can be a challenge due to the various factors that you need to consider. Will they understand your business or products? How will they work with you and your team? Will they deliver on what they promise and will they be affordable? These are all [...]